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About Enugu Sports Club
Enugu Sports Club is a private, non-profit making, elite and family membership Club. It has a nominal membership of over one thousand families drawn from across the federation and beyond.

The Club was founded in 1929 as an Exclusive European Club. It provided sporting and recreational facilities for the Civil Service of Eastern Nigeria and such other Government establishments like the Coal Corporation and the Railway Corporation. Others were European trading outposts such as UAC, John Holt and European Banks. The Club is one of the oldest Sports Club in Nigeria. It is one of the surviving relics of our colonial past and one of the unifying factors for the people of the former Eastern Region of Nigeria.

Today, Enugu Sports Club membership comprises Nigerian Professionals, Top Government Functionaries and Captains of Commerce and Industry. It is not only a centre for recreation and relaxation, but also a centre for intellectual discourse.

Traditionally, the Governor of the State is the President of the Club. The Executive Chairman is the Chief Executive Officer of the Club and is elected annually.

The Club possesses a wide range of sporting facilities, each headed by a Captain who is elected annually. These include:
  1. Seven standard Lawn Tennis Courts and a Lawn Tennis Practice Wall.
  2. An Olympic size Swimming Pool with well landscaped Pavilion/Arena.
  3. The best natural Golf Course in the Country.
  4. An International competition size Indoor Badminton/Basket Ball Court.
  5. Various Mind Game facilities including Scrabble, Chess and Draught.
  6. A Billiard Room housing two standard Billiard tables
  7. A well equipped Gymnasium/Health Clinic.
  8. Two Squash Courts, one of which is a Glass Court.
  9. A children Center and a Library yet to be equipped.
  10. A well equipped Gym.
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